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  1. orina says

    Dear Servant of God,
    We are glad for your faith and truth which you have posted on your website which indicate that God has inspired you more about the word of God. We our life is touched and we believe as we stay in touch this church will never remain the same, our church is located in Kenya. We praise be to God because He has purpose why we have been directed to contact you to help us grow through the grace God has bestowed in you and you are of great inspiration, our local congregation which have the Brethren who are 126 who are glad to have you as our spiritual leader and mentor who can inspire us more because our prayer is that we need to grow in the word so that even us can spread the word before the second coming of Jesus Christ we welcome you with open heart to help us to grow because we are young growing church which pray and request for spiritual teaching and Bibles to help us grow. Continue praying for this church and for the physical and spiritual needy for God to open ways for them to be free from that bondage. Really good to be part of your church here in our county.
    God bless you as we look forward to hear from you.
    Yours in service Pastor orina.

  2. Dale Marthick says

    Hello Pastor- thanks for your message- we have many churches in Africa in our church network- i will add a link for them and suggest you get in touch with them through the website.

    Bless you


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