Philippians 1

1 Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, To all God’s holy people in Christ Jesus at Philippi, together with the overseers and deacons. NIV

At Living Hope we have an eldership team of 5 couples who work together with a deacon team and the rest of the local believers to pursue the
specific vision that God gives our local church. We also relate to an Ephesians 4 team- New Covenant Ministries International, as well others within the Body of Christ that God leads us to partner with.

Our Eldership Team in 2020:
Contact phone numbers can be found HERE

d and a lshp 300x250
Dale & Angela Marthick 

Dale and Angela are our Lead Elders and are passionate about the lost being saved and the saved being trained and equipped to see the kingdom expanded.  Dale also currently oversees the Worship team.
Angela leads a morning connect group for women and leads the Living Hopes women’s ministry Sistas in Arms

paul n janine lshpPaul & Janine Robinson

Paul and Janine are core members of our worship team, Janine often leading worship and Paul on the bass. Both Paul and Janine are also passionate about Pastoral care.

dom n jo shipDom & Jo Altobelli

Jo oversees our catering and hospitality services and, Dom is passionate about community events. 
They both run a family connect group together in Narellan area. 

ruben jayde webRuben & Jayde de Leeuw  

Ruben and Jayde run a Young Adults Connect group. Ruben is also involved in the worship team and Jayde is one of our children’s ministry teachers, helping to raise up the next generation.

Jeremy and Helen Simpson 

Jeremy and Helen run a family connect group in the Campbelltown area and also oversee all the connect groups.

Our Deacon Team 2020:

                                                         Alice Waugh

Alice oversees the Welcome ministry at Living Hope Church. She also manages a lot of our Admin and social media tasks. Alice is passionate about women’s ministry and is involved in Living Hopes Ladies ministry Sistas in Arms. 

eva webEva Riley 

Eva runs a evening Ladies Connect and is involved in our worship ministry. 

lyndall web 2Lyndall Dearnley

Lyndall runs our Children’s Ministry and oversees a group of children’s ministry volunteers. Lyndall is passionate about our children learning about who Jesus is and raising up the next generation of Living Hopers. 

Ellen Nieuwenhuis 

Ellen is one of our dedicated Children’s Ministry teachers, teaching our older children from year 1-6 in Kingdom Kids. 

Alex and Tirzah Hudson-

Alex runs a young mens connect group called Brothers in Arms. Alex is passionate about encouraging young men to remain pure and accountable, while coming around the Word in truth.  Tirzah helps out with our sound and audio. 

Rod Reece

Rod is a father in the father who has served on our eldership team and has now retired. Rod has a range of support roles in Living Hope and has significant value as a godly and wise man who brings great perspective to our leadership team.


Michael and Sheridan Zanuttini-

Michael and Sheridan have recently taken on the role as Living Hope Youth Leaders.