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2020-02-16 Dale Marthick The Beatitudes Meekness

2020-02-09 Dale Marthick The Beatitudes Emotionally Real

2020-02-02 Dale Marthick The Beatitudes Humility

2020-01-26 Dale Marthick Beatitudes

2019-12-29 Angela Marthick- Moving Forward

2019-12-08 Jeremy Simpson- Thankfulness

2019-12-01 Dale Marthick- Team Work Makes Dream Work

2019-11-24 Dale Marthick- Being Yourself in God

2019-11-17 Jeremy Simpson- Kindness

2019-11-03 Ruben de leeuw- Running the Race

2019-10-27 Paul Robinson- Finding God in the Waiting

2019-10-20 Jimm Nestoras- Faith Works

2019-10-13 Dale Marthick- The Restoring Presence of God

2019-09-29 Dom Altobelli- Kingdom Finances Part 4

2019-09-22 Dale Marthick- Kingdom Finances Part 3

2019-09-15 Dale Marthick- Kingdom Finances Part 2

2019-09-08 Dale Marthick- Kingdom Finances Part 1

2019-08-25 Jeremy Simpson- Biblical Conflict Resolution

2019-08-18 Dale Marthick Isaiah 40

2019-08-11 Cliff Cherry- How to get a breakthrough

_________________________NSW/QLD EQUIP 2019_______________________

Elders time Part 1

Elders time Part 2

Main Equip Saturday Part 1

Main Equip Saturday Part 2


2019-08-04 Dale Marthick- Overcoming by hearing God

2019-07-28 Angela Marthick- Overcoming by knowing who God is

2019-07-19 – Grief- Rod & Hilda

2019-07-14 Ruben de Leeuw- Faith and Hope

2019-06-30 Dale Marthick – Overcoming Negativity

2019-06-23 Overcoming Unforgiveness Testimonies- Laines & Alice

2019-06-16 Janine Robinson- Overcoming Unforgiveness

2019-06-09 Dale Marthick- Overcomers Mindset

2019-06-02 Mike Weaver- Keys

2019-05-19 Janine Robinson- Overcoming Guilt and Shame

2019-05-05 Dale Marthick- Overcoming Doubt

2019-04-28 Jeremy Simpson- Overcoming Adversity

2019-04-14 Ruben de Leeuw- Overcoming Fear

2019-04-07 Dale Marthick- Overcoming Rejection Part B

2019-03-31 Dale Marthick- Overcoming Rejection

2019-03-24 Dale Marthick- Overcoming Part 3

2019-03-17 Paul Robinson- Overcoming Part 2

2019-03-10 Dale Marthick- Overcoming Intro

2019-02-17 Steve Barr- Freedom

2019-02-10 Dale Marthick- Base Church

2019-01-27 Angela Marthick- Abiding

2019-01-20 Dale Marthick- Repentance

2019-01-13 Dale Marthick- Transparency Part 2

2019-01-06 Jeremy Simpson- Relationships


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